57 Stars Philosophy

57 Stars seeks to deliver superior returns via cost-efficient, turn-key funds-of-funds and separate accounts.
We seek to provide our investors:

  • portfolio diversification;
  • very low risk of capital loss; and
  • access to elite international private equity funds that we believe will outperform their peers.

At 57 Stars, our strategy to achieve these goals is simply stated: we identify the most compelling markets and select funds and managers (“GPs”) in the top decile in those markets. Investing with elite GPs in these varied markets can provide investors with both out-performance and diversification. From our years of experience in international private equity, we are able to gain access to GPs with a proven ability to generate attractive returns. Because our private equity target markets tend to be less efficient, the GPs with whom we work generally participate in fewer auctions than those in the US and Western Europe, and information asymmetry allows our GPs to acquire rapidly growing businesses at attractive purchase multiples. With this largely proprietary deal-flow, these GPs often benefit from significantly lower entry prices.

For most investors, allocating the resources required to analyze markets, screen managers, diligence funds, and monitor a portfolio as disparate, complex, and specialized as those constructed by 57 Stars would be cost prohibitive.

57 Stars offers investors access to select GPs in these dynamic emerging markets while, through our investment strategy and portfolio management process, reducing both cost and risk.