Investment Strategy

Our sector investment focus

57 Stars focuses on countries and regions globally where economic sectors are undergoing disruptive change due to technological innovation and adaption. Those sectors, such as the ones itemized below, may be growing at multiples of corresponding GDP growth, and may be less affected by economic cycles than others.

  • Tech‐enabled consumer
    • Mobile adoption, e‐commerce, and sophisticated logistical solutions to expand channels to reach consumers
  • Fintech & financial services
    • Adoption of digital technologies to foster low‐cost financial solutions using data and artificial intelligence to circumvent information asymmetries
  • Health & care‐related technologies
    • Demographic evolution combined with rising incomes driving demand for healthcare, tech innovation in service delivery, diagnostic analysis, and bio‐pharma R&D processes
  • Other tech & growth sectors
    • Tech‐driven interconnectivity across mobility, sustainability, and enterprise solutions

Our structured investment strategy

57 Stars applies a structured investment strategy in building a portfolio of investments. The benefit to investors of such an approach can be:

  • Shorter duration
    • A portfolio that combines nascent with mature investments to reduce the negative impact of the J‐curve and providing for a more rapid return of capital
  • Positioning for alpha generation
    • Investments across a spectrum of maturities to allow for better insights in weighing risk versus returns and thus to contribute to more significant alpha generation
  • Portfolio visibility
    • Inclusion of mature portfolios and direct investments to provide early visibility into the nature of any overall portfolio, and proper levels of risk mitigation through appropriate diversification
  • Reduced fund level fees and expenses
    • Structured investments designed to allow for negotiated and/or structured fee levels advantageous to investors and to ensure proper alignment with investor objectives
  • Mitigation of risk
    • Proper diversification intended to mitigate both volatility and risk; structured investments can enhance those benefits of such mitigation by allowing for greater portfolio visibility within a shorter duration timeframe